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Set of three decorative glass hanging with mixed copper leaf design

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This set of three small glass hanging would look stunning hung in a window to catch the light. They could also be displayed on a plain wall and would fit perfectly in a home with a coastal theme.

Each piece of glass art is made by fusing a variety of metal foil, leaf and wire within sheets of clear glass. The metals react with each other in the heat of the kiln, producing a range of colours and textures that are trapped and made permanent as the glass cools. This modern leaf design is made from different types of copper sheet that goes red in the heat of the kiln.
  • Set of three hangings 
  • Glass 16.5 cm x 5cm 
  • Sent gift wrapped in tissue
    Each small hanging is created individually and your set will be very similar to the one pictured but not identical. This is the beauty of a handmade object.
    • Please allow one to two weeks for me to make and send your order.